Disease Management

Stan Bernard, MD, MBA, Founder and President of Bernard Associates, has published over 75 pharmaceutical and health care articles in leading publications. He previously wrote the “Competition” column for the journal Pharmaceutical Executive and the “Competitive Advantage” column for Pharmaceutical Executive Global Digest.

Selected publications are available as PDF files for download.

Featured Publications

"The Future of Disease Management: Weaving Disease Management into the Fabric of Patient Care."
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"The Healthcare Quality Debate: The Case for Disease Management."
Bernard, S. and Frist, WH., Disease Management, 1 (2); March 1998: p. 91-98.
"Women's Health and Disease Management: Parallel Movements Intersecting to Provide Unparalleled Care for Women."
Bernard, S. and Moore, DL., Disease Management, 1 (1), January 1998, p. 55-61.
"The Eruption of Disease Management."
Bernard, S. and Byrnes, J., Disease Management, 1 (1), January 1998, p. 1-2.
"The Roles of Pharmaceutical Companies in Disease Management."
Bernard, S., Chapter 7 (pp. 179-206 ) in Disease Management: A Systems Approach to Improving Patient Outcomes., W. Todd and D. Nash, eds., American Hospital Publishing, Inc., 1997.
"Disease Management: A Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective."
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