Winning Product Launches

Win the Pre-Launch. A global study of 79 pharmaceutical launch products and other analyses indicate that the ultimate success of a chronic care product launch is determined within the first 10 to 12 weeks after launch. Companies can no longer wait to battle during the benchmark “launch year” but must win the “Pre-Launch Years.” This paradigm shift — from selection to election of drugs — has fundamentally changed product launches. Pharmaceutical companies and professionals who grasp this shift and approach product launches like elections are demonstrating dramatic competitive advantages.

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  • Shark-Proof Launch (“SPL”) Plans: Bernard Associates can pressure-test your company’s product pre-launch and launch plans to shield your launch product while addressing rival products.
  • Product Launch 2.0 Competitive Simulations: Bernard Associates custom designs and conducts Pharma War Games 2.0 to prepare your brand and company to win in competitive launch situations.
  • Product Launch 2.0 Training Seminars: Utilizing engaging, interactive formats, Bernard Associates trains professionals on proven approaches and practical tools to conduct a successful Launch 2.0.

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