Consulting Philosophy

Bernard Associates' consulting philosophy is based on the following principles.

Powerful commitment to the success of clients and their companies

Bernard Associates recognizes that clients engage consultants for a variety of reasons. Usually, consulting projects are simply a means to an end: helping clients and their companies to achieve specific objectives. Bernard Associates is passionately committed to helping clients achieve this success. Click here for our Selected Client List.

One size fits one

Bernard Associates appreciates that each client and each engagement is unique: each represents different opportunities and challenges, goals and objectives, situations, players, issues, cultures, and other differences. Consequently, the firm customizes its relationships, approaches, thinking, strategies, and methods to each of these unique clients and individual projects.

Senior, partner-level consultants do consulting

In traditional management consulting, senior partners sell engagements while less experienced junior associates do most of the client consulting work. At Bernard Associates, a senior, partner-level consultant does all the consulting. The firm does not have junior or lower-level consultants on staff.

Practical vs. perfect answers

Bernard Associates seeks consulting approaches and solutions that are practical, relevant, workable, and implementable.

Consulting is multi-dimensional

Business executives today are confronted with multiple opportunities and challenges: there are multiple products and technologies, customer segments and markets, stakeholders and channels, prices, laws, regulations, and other factors. Bernard Associates has the experience and expertise to consider these many dimensions and their implications for each project.