Consulting Services

Bernard Associates has designed and developed a dramatically better version of Competitive Simulations. Over 92% of surveyed clients state that Pharma 2.0 War Games are better than any other competitive simulation or war game exercise they have ever experienced.

Bernard Associates has been engaged in over 600 Product Launches and Counter-Launches involving over 60 countries across 6 continents. We will help you win with the newer Pre-Launch, Election-Style Campaigns vs. outdated Post-Launch, Military-Style Campaigns.

Bernard Associates has conducted more Product Counter-Launches 2.0 than any other company in the world and published more articles on Counter-Launches than any other firm in the world. Make sure your competitors do not have a “Free Launch.”

Bernard Associates has developed a proprietary “Pharma 2.0 Winning System™” based on three decades of analysis of winning Pharma companies and brands. We share our “keys to winning” with our clients.

Bernard Associates helps clients win by offering several unique competition services, including Competitive Simulations (e.g., War Games 2.0); Winning Product Launches and Counter-Launches; Competitive Training and Seminars; Competitive Strategy, Planning, and Lifecycle Management; and Customized Competitive Engagements and Workshops.

The firm has conducted engagements for many different types of health care products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, OTCs, medical and information technologies. Bernard Associates works across therapeutic areas, product lifecycle stages, markets, geographies, stakeholders, and competitive landscapes. The firm has worked with eighteen of the top twenty global pharmaceutical companies and over 125 other leading pharmaceutical and health care products companies across six continents.

Contact us to discuss ways that Bernard Associates can help your product, team, and company win.