Competitive Strategy and Planning

What is your strategy for winning?

Bernard Associates created and works with clients to apply all or parts of our unique five-step “CASSAR Framework™” for successful competitive planning: 1) Competitive Analysis; 2) Competitive Simulation; 3) Competitive Strategy; 4) Competitive Actions; and 5) Competitive Results. We customize this approach to fit the particular needs and objectives of our clients.


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  • 3-Dimensional Competitive Analysis: Bernard Associates developed “3-D Competitive Analysis,” our unique approach that assesses three key dimensions: the market, competitors, and stakeholders.
  • Competitive Simulations: Pharma War Games 2.0 — the new, improved version of business war games — are more realistic, customized, engaging, and actionable than traditional war games.
  • Decisive Competitive Strategic Planning: Using our proprietary framework, Bernard Associates develops decisive plans with clear direction, team alignment, and, ultimately, competitive advantages.
  • Winning Actions: Bernard Associates helps clients identify, prioritize, and execute novel winning actions, including ways to “win beyond the molecule.”
  • Competitive Results: This final planning step entails timely strategic and action assessments based on pre-determined metrics and on-going market and competitive surveillance.
  • Drug Life Optimization (“Lifecycle Management 2.0”): Drug Life Optimization enables pharmaceutical professionals to view the entire life – not just the lifecycle – of a product and to make more appropriate, timely, and strategic decisions to maximize the cumulative, lifetime sales of products.

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