Why Bernard Associates?

Bernard Associates' mission is Helping Clients Win

Winning Performance and Results

Bernard Associates’ mission is Helping Clients Win. The firm works to identify and develop practical, impactful strategies, actions, and approaches to help ensure that clients and their products are successful in the market.

Competition Specialists

Bernard Associates specifically focuses on competition consulting, including competitive strategy, simulations, and training. The firm is not a competitive intelligence agency, a war game vendor, an advertising agency, or a market research firm.

Unique Pharmaceutical Industry Experience

Bernard Associates’ professionals have extensive experience as pharmaceutical industry business executives, health care professionals, and management consultants. Our team has worked in nearly every major function and department of a pharmaceutical company.

Industry-Leading Insights and Innovations

Stan Bernard, the founder of Bernard Associates, has published over 75 pharmaceutical and health care articles in leading journals and has taught pharmaceutical management and other topics as a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School of Business for nearly 15 years. The firm has created numerous industry-leading innovations, insights, and frameworks.

Customized Approaches

Bernard Associates customizes every single engagement to service different client needs, objectives, and interests. Bernard Associates works hard to understand each client and their situation to determine how to maximize success.

Broad Industry and Product Expertise

Bernard Associates works across pharmaceutical and health care products/technologies, therapeutic areas, lifecycle stages, markets, stakeholders, and competitive landscapes.

Award-Winning Recognition

Bernard Associates has received awards and recognition by clients and the media for helping clients achieve outstanding results. For example, over 90% of surveyed clients have stated that Pharma 2.0 War Games are better than any other previous war game or competitive simulation they have participated in.

Global Experience, Understanding, and Reach

Bernard Associates has conducted numerous engagements in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America.

Exclusively Senior-Level Partner Consulting

Bernard Associates offers only one type of consultant: Senior-Level. The partner who presents the engagement does the engagement. Bernard Associates has pioneered a unique approach to consulting called “Executive Consulting” (see article).

Trusted by Leading Global Clients

Bernard Associates has conducted consulting engagements with nineteen of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies and over 125 other leading pharmaceutical and health care products companies across six continents. Clients repeatedly trust us to deliver results.

Better Value and Cost Savings

Pharma 2.0 War Games result in dramatically faster brand uptake and sales while significantly reducing sales force, advertising, and promotional costs. Clients realize millions of incremental sales dollars from War Games 2.0 and substantially higher ROI’s than with traditional war games. Contact Bernard Associates for better results with lower costs.